Do You Struggle Flossing When You Have Braces? Here Are Some Tips to Make It Easier

If you want a top-notch smile and a convenient orthodontic journey, then you need to floss your teeth at least once a day. If you can, floss more, like after every meal. Flossing is very important for your oral health. Unfortunately, flossing when you have braces can be quite difficult for many people. If you’re… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Improve Minor Alignment Issues with Your Teeth

Not only can the alignment of your teeth affect the appearance of your smile, it can also have a significant impact on the basic function and structural integrity of your teeth. Misalignment problems with the biting surfaces of multiple teeth can promote chronic problems like dental attrition, and could potentially lead to increased risk of… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions You Can Make for Your Braces

Have you run out of New Year’s resolution ideas? If so, our , Dr. , has a recommendation for you: make a resolution for your braces! If you focus on your braces this year, you could have a better orthodontic treatment, you could have a top-notch appliance, and you might even get your braces off… Read more »

Holiday Dessert Guide for Braces

The holidays bring a plethora of desserts and sweets. Here are a few you might find on the dessert menu, and whether or not you should eat these dishes with braces. Pumpkin Pie:  Soft pumpkin custard and a flaky pie crust makes this an excellent seasonal treat for everyone–with or without braces. Dig in! Just… Read more »

Orthodontic Adjustments Are Critical for Effectively Realigning Your Child’s Teeth

Deviations in the alignment of your child’s permanent teeth can vary in severity. This can be influenced by genetics, the loss of one or more primary teeth to untreated cavities, or other environmental factors. Not only can these alignment issues leave your son or daughter feeling self-conscious about their appearance it can also contribute to… Read more »

Tips on How to Have Top-Notch Breath When You Have Braces

Having a fresh and pristine breath is quite convenient and wonderful. Unfortunately, this is a tough thing to have when you align your teeth with braces. Oftentimes, food particles, plaque, and bacteria get trapped in your appliance and around your teeth, promoting bad breath. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for you. There… Read more »

What Braces Can Do for You

Are your teeth need of orthodontic treatment? If your smile is misaligned, it doesn’t just affect the way you look. Misaligned teeth can make things like eating, chewing, and even speaking more difficult. It can also increase your chances of dental issues in the future. Rescue your smile and take advantages of a beautiful smile… Read more »

TMJ Disorder Symptoms Should Not Be Ignored

The temporomandibular joints that hinge your jaw play an important role in a wide range of oral functions. This includes opening your mouth to bite off food, while also chewing, grinding, and breaking tough foods down for ease of swallowing. The complex motion of these joints also relates to your ability to speak clearly and… Read more »

Braces Can Improve the Appearance of Your Smile and Reduce Your Child’s Chances of Suffering Other Dental Conditions

As your child grows up their 20 baby teeth will gradually be replaced by their 32 adult teeth. Of course, this process doesn’t happen all at once. As their jaw structure expands it can accommodate the additional 12 teeth. As this happens it’s possible for multiple teeth to emerge tightly spaced or out of their… Read more »

Athletes with Braces Might Need to Use a Quality Mouth Guard

The new set of braces installed in your mouth at Dr. ’s orthodontic clinic were designed to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. This requires routine adjustments to reposition your teeth. If any part of the orthodontic hardware is damaged, or you suffer excessive oral trauma, it could cause significant pain and extend the… Read more »