Details on What to Expect at Your Dental Cleaning When You Have Braces

Dental cleanings with braces can be quite overwhelming, which is why many people skip their cleanings altogether during their orthodontic journey. This is a big mistake, especially because plaque and tartar gather around the braces, promoting tooth decay and gum disease. Without the help from a professional cleaning, your smile can be in trouble. So… Read more »

Certain Foods Can Pose a Threat to Your Braces Hardware

The orthodontic hardware of your braces installed at ’s , clinic have been designed to gradually realign your teeth, through the course of iterative adjustments. Each time you come in to have your braces tightened, your teeth will be moved one small step closer to their ideal alignment. While the braces hardware, and the dental… Read more »

Regular Adjustments Are Needed to Properly Correct the Alignment of Your Teeth

Your new braces installed at ’s , clinic have been designed to gradually correct the position and orientation of your misaligned teeth. This will eventually improve the overall function and health of your teeth by reducing your chances of suffering enamel attrition and dental fractures. It will also provide you with the kind of appealing… Read more »

Are Your Crooked Teeth at an Increased Risk for Tooth Decay?

Are your crooked teeth at an increased risk for tooth decay? With our help, our experienced team can get you on the path to a straighter smile in no time. With braces, you can set crooked teeth straight once more, and fix your misaligned teeth. Listed below are some beneficial reasons to try braces: –… Read more »

Tips on How to Keep Your Retainer in Top-Notch Condition

Retainers are strong, reliable orthodontic appliances that can help keep your teeth in their positions after you’ve completed orthodontic treatment. However, that’s only the case if you take good care of your appliance. So, to help you keep your retainer in tip-top shape, our orthodontic team has some guidelines for you. Step No. 1: Store… Read more »

Special Oral Hygiene Tools Can Help Maintain a Healthy Mouth with Braces

Your braces are the first step toward realigning your teeth. Throughout the course of successive adjustments, tension will be applied to your teeth and the connective tissues in the underlying dental sockets. This will gradually bring your teeth into their ideal alignment for a better-functioning mouth and a more appealing smile. Should you develop cavities… Read more »

It’s Important to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene with Braces

The braces installed in your mouth at have been designed to alter and improve the alignment of your teeth. This is done by applying progressive tension through the course of iterative adjustment sessions. Poor oral hygiene increases the chances of having cavities or causing orthodontic hardware to suffer excessive wear and tear. Should this befall… Read more »

The Secret to a Straight and Clear Smile Begins with Invisalign®

Do you know the secrets to Invisalign®? With all the treatment methods available these days for your teeth and gums, it’s easy to forget which products and services do what. One of the most fantastic services offers is our Invisalign® orthodontic aligner system, which comes with a bevy of perks and benefits. Ask yourself the… Read more »

Loose or Damaged Braces Hardware Needs to Be Repaired

The braces installed in your mouth at have several different pieces of orthodontic hardware. This includes wires, spacers, bands, and metal brackets that are cemented onto the faces of your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. They work synergistically to apply progressive tension to the periodontal ligaments that anchor your teeth in your mouth. If… Read more »

Do Your Jaws Ache? There Is Help for TMJ

Are you familiar with TMJ? Temporomandibular disorder (TMD/TMJ) are a group of conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in your joints in the jaw and the muscles that control your jaw movement. What is TMJ? Your temporomandibular joints hinge the jaw to your skull and allow you to open your mouth, eat your food, talk,… Read more »